MSNBC And Georgetown To Host Multi-Day Climate Forum With 2020 Presidential Candidates

The Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service will partner with MSNBC and environmental news outlet Our Daily Planet to host a multi-day climate change forum with the 2020 presidential candidates. According to the institute’s executive director Mo Elleithee, the university has blocked out Sept. 19 and 20 for the event. Every single presidential candidate—Republicans included—has been invited to participate. At this stage, each candidate who participates has been promised an hour of airtime—the first 30 minutes being a moderated conversation with MSNBC hosts Chris Hayes or Ali Velshi; the second half a Q&A session with students from Georgetown, other D.C. universities, and early primary states. The event is expected to be live-streamed on NBC News Now with parts of the event featured on Hayes’ primetime MSNBC show over two nights.

By Gideon Resnick. Daily Beast. July 26, 2019,

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