Renters Efficiency Summit

Kansas City renters and tenants: we’ve heard the calls of our community members, seen the stories of skyrocketing utility bills, and felt that burden ourselves. With low income households in KC spending an average of 8.5% of their monthly income on their utilities, we know that for many folks in our communities, there are months where you choose between putting food on the table and paying your energy bills.

Navigating big utility companies, local governments, landlords, and developers can be overwhelming and confusing – and that’s where we come in. Metropolitan Energy Center, a non-profit hub for energy efficiency, invites you to the Renters Efficiency Summit, where we hope to educate and empower tenants in Kansas City with the aim of lowering utility bills, improving energy efficiency, and fostering healthier living environments.

Here’s what you can expect to learn at the Summit:

-Low and No-Cost Ways to Save on Utilities: Area experts chime in on easy, cheap, and high-return ways to lower utility bills

-Efficiency and Health: How does efficiency play a role on your health, and what benefits can you see from improving efficiency and indoor air quality.

-Rights, Policies, and Advocacy: What rights do you have as a renter? Are there local or state policies you should know? What can you do to get involved and make changes? Find out in this session.

-Utility Assistance Programs: We all have times of need – these utility assistance programs can literally be a life-saver.

-Rebates, Audits and Other Services: Panelists from area utility companies will share rebates, programs and other opportunities for you to save and create a healthy space.

-Connect: Get involved with local advocacy organizations, community groups, and neighbors!

We look forward to hearing your voice at this informative and empowering event!

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